Southlands Methodist has welcomed members of the LGBTQ+ community for many years, but following a change in the Methodist Church’s own guidance, was able to embrace the opportunity to host same-sex marriages. We hope, this is just the tip of the iceberg in our desire to be a safe and inclusive church for everyone. We are a very busy community church, and particularly through hosting Seek Art School and our Artist Community, South Bank Studios, and our Partnership with Planet Food, who offer a weekly cafe, both offering waste food to take home, but also using it to provide a 3 course lunch. This provides a much-needed social space, as well as helping us care for our environment. We have also developed a community garden, which grows flowers and herbs for our cafe, as well as offering a space for groups to play outside, or a place to sit and be still on a busy day. This mix of activities, alongside our other community groups, worship and prayer, creates some wonderful opportunities to encounter new people, and for a spiritual encounter with God.

So we encourage you, to dip into the many aspects of our life in this community – we’d love to meet you, and hope you too will find us a spiritual refuge and home.