Southlands Community Garden

Raised Beds

We had two lacklustre rose beds at the side of the church. Rescuing those that we could, we converted these to raised beds (installing cycle racks behind them) and now partner with Planet Food volunteers to grow, herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers which augment the produce at the waste food cafe.

Side Garden

The area to the side of the church is the site of a demolished hall, and over the years had become weed-ridden and overgrown.  We have reclaimed this land, and created a lawn and surrounding flower beds to the rear, with lots of recycled plastic bench seating, and an orchard area at the roadside.

Front Garden

The area to the front of the church contained another semi-circular, but equally overgrown bed.  We have replanted and planted a box hedge to create a welcoming floral display.

Art in the Garden

In 2023 we ran community mosaic art workshops. The results are now on display on the garden wall. 

Our garden has a Facebook page and more photos of the project can be seen there.