Room 2

This room is on the first floor at the top of the main staircase and also has stair-lift access.

Like Room 1, which is immediately below, it is carpeted and accommodates up to 40 people, depending on setting.

Facilities include a double power socket at both ends of the room, a pull-down screen mounted on one wall, and an upright piano.

Free WiFi is also available.

We are told the room has excellent acoustics and is used extensively by theatre and choir groups, as its size is similar to performance spaces they may use.

It is available for hire most mornings and afternoons and on occasional evenings at a cost of £14.50 per hour (occasional bookings) or £12.50 per hour (regular bookings). Minimum bookings are for two hours.

The following calendar shows the bookings and availability of Room 2 at Southlands.