Room 1

Room 1

This room, which is accessible at ground level, is one of the most heavily used rooms in the premises and is particularly useful for meetings and activities, on a regular or occasional basis.

The room is carpeted and well-lit and it accommodates up to 50 people, depending on setting.

Facilities include a double power socket at both ends of the room, a loop system, a pull-down screen mounted on one wall, and an upright piano. It is easily accessible from the ground floor of the building via a short ramp.

Room 1 – Windows Overlook Side Garden

This room has the advantage of being near the main kitchen and can be hired for £14.00 per hour (occasional bookings) or £12.00 per hour (regular bookings). The minimum booking is for two hours, including setting up and clearing away.

The following Calendar shows Room 1’s present bookings and availability.