Combined New Hall & Church

Main Church

The Church itself can be booked as a stand-alone space.  

The Church is equipped with a built-in projector system, with HDMI and sound inputs at both the lecturn, and rear control desk.

The projector, screen and selection of inputs is controlled through an easy-to-use switch panel at the rear.

We have a new amplifier system suitable for both voice and music, and several microphone and radio mic channels, as well as a loop system.

WiFi is freely available in the building.

The Church can also be booked in conjunction with the New Hall, from which it is divided by a moveable partition.

On occasions, for example for a concert, hirers may wish to use a larger space created by combining the Church and New Hall.

The Church, with the New Hall visible beyond

The hire charge for this combined space is £40 an hour (2 hour minimum booking).

The Church alone can be booked for £27 an hour, with a minimum of two hours (occasional bookings) or £22 (regular bookings)

The following calendar shows the bookings of the individual spaces….so when both are free, the New Hall and Church would be available to book together.