New Hall

A new hall has been created at ground level by shortening the Worship Centre or Church. The room is divided from the ‘church’ by a moveable divider, so either the whole space can be booked, or just the hall.

At one side of the hall, are some comfy leather armchairs (and sofa occasionally) and a pool/billiard table, which is available to use if desired. The pictures here show the space being used as a craft fair.

The Hall, and indeed church, have excellent acoustics and have hosted choir rehearsals and concerts on several occasions.

Each room has access to free WiFi.

The New Hall has a drop-down projector screen (which tucks away when not in use), is very convenient for the kitchen if providing refreshments, and access to the PA system can be provided, as can the use of a video projector, DVD player or amplifiers, for a small additional fee.

This hall can accommodate 90 to 100 people, depending on setting. The floor is not carpeted and is currently available for hire on most days and evenings for £24 per hour (occasional bookings) or £20 per hour (regular bookings).

The availability of the church (and associated hall is show below). If one is in use, it is not be possible to book the other.