Room Hire

Southlands Methodist has a variety of rooms available for booking, from small intimate spaces, to large venues suitable for concerts and productions. To see which spaces are free, for different times in the week, then click our Room Calendar.

Prices also include Free Wifi. Additional equipment, like DVD players, amplifiers and projectors may be available on request for an additional fee.

For details of each room, see the links below.

Prices, applicable from 1st September 2023 are as follows:-


Price per hour*


New Hall
Room 1Room 2Church
Occasional Bookings£27.00£24.00£14.50£14.50£27.00
Regular Bookings£22.00£20.00£12.50£12.50£22.00

In Addition:-

The Church and New Hall Combined, can be let for £40 for per hour.

Small meetings can also be booked in the church vestibule for £9 per hour.

The Gallery & Loft Studios (for artists) are also leased on a Monthly basis. 

12.30pm is the earliest we will hire rooms out on Sundays due to our morning service.

*Our prices allow for 15 mins before and after the letting period to set up and clear away. Discounts may be available depending on the period of hire and the time of day.

Room 1

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Booking Forms

This page contains links to the forms and documentation required for a booking. Safeguarding Form E SafeguardingPolicy070618 Std Booking Form

Room Calendar

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