Southlands at Rowntree Park

Southlands takes stand at Rowntree Park Birthday Party

SOUTHLANDS offered two free children’s challenge events from its stand at the Rowntree Park Birthday Party in mid-July.

There was a good crowd at Rowntree Park, despite overcast skies, occasional showers and competition from York Races, and the  stand attracted a fair bit of interest from children and adults.

One of the events was a Tower Building challenge run by Children and Families Worker John Hattam in which wooden blocks were used to build a single column. More than 50 children took part, competing against the clock.

The other was a Marbles challenge, run by Junior Club leader Bob Lawrence in which 33 children tried to see who could place most marbles in their hand.

Some adults also had a go at the two challenges.

Sweets and leaflets about the church’s activities and groups were also given away from the stand.


Kids Tower Challenge: 1, Manon Ingham (23 bricks, 1min 10sec); 2, Anthony Willsher (22 bricks, 1min 26sec); 3, Harvey Foyer (19 bricks, 1min 50sec).

Best young adult: Caleb Myers (21 bricks, 1min 5sec).

Kids Marbles Challenge: 1, Anna Siddall (38 marbles); 2, Luke Prenty (31); 3, Adam Kane (27).

Adults (including young adults) Marbles Challenge: 1, Kane Heald (50 marbles); 2, Calum Robertson (46); 3, Cavern Vardy (33).

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