2013.07.Southlands at Rowntree Park Birthday

Alexander with his winning tower of cuddly toys created on the Southlands stand at the Rowntree Park Birthday in July 2013

Southlands challenges children at Rowntree Park

SOUTHLANDS offered a couple of individual challenges for children attending the 2013 Rowntree Park Birthday celebrations in July.

But, although attendances at Rowntree Park appeared to be up on last year’s, fewer children attempted the challenges – probably because of the very hot weather.

Forty-five children tackled one challenge in which they had to see how many glass marbles they could balance on the palm of one hand.

Only 19 children attempted the other challenged which involved building a single tower of cuddly toys before it toppled. The added complication here was that the cuddly toys included two vibrating monkeys! Winner Alexander is pictured above with his tower of eight cuddly toys.

The Southlands stand was being run by church stewards Alison White and Jill Johnson with help from Jean and Mike Harrison and Christine and Michael Banham.

In addition to the challenges, there was a photographic display, featuring some of the activities which go on at Southlands. Leaflets and flyers about the life and activities of the church were handed out to passers-by, and there were sweets for those attempting the challenges.


Marbles challenge:  1, Keiran (32 marbles); 2, Jordan (29); 3, Luke (26).

Cuddly toys tower challenge: 1, Alexander (eight cuddly toys in 59secs); 2, Edward (six in 22secs); 3, Lellie (six in 30secs). 

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