2013.04.20.Southlands Vision Day


SATURDAY 20th APRIL 1.00pm till 3.30pm

It is a time to ask questions ...

Where is our church going?

What is our church doing?

What is its purpose?

It is a time to seek answers ...

What is God doing in our community?

What is God doing in our church?

What is God calling us to do together?

Every Church needs to know why it exists and for what purpose. In every faith community there are those who have at least one dream or vision of what God is doing in their church. Put these together and we have the beginnings of a wider exciting vision for our church, its potential for mission and to engage with building the Kingdom.

A vision day is a gift of time … for everyone who has a link with our church

• To dream together

• To seek God together

• To think together

• To talk together

• To put our aims for the future together

• To become excited together

• To discover our collective Vision together

Programme of events:

1.00 Worship and Introduction

1.15 Session 1 …….. Where are we now?

1.40 Session 2 …….. Dreaming Dreams

2.00 Summary of Session 1

2.10 Sharing our dreams

2.25 Session 3 …….. What do we bring?

2.45 Sharing our thoughts

3.10 Session 4 …….. What’s important?

3.20 Bringing it all together

3.30 Finish

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