Methodist Women in Britain

Methodist Women in Britain (MWiB) is not a private club:  if you are a woman and a Methodist, then you already belong to this group.

We have a proud heritage stemming from the twin roots of Women’s Work, founded in 1858 to support training and care for women missionaries, and Women’s Fellowship, started in 1945 out of a concern to address social problems resulting from the war. These two movements merged in 1987 to form the Women’s Network of the Methodist Church, with a clear place in the Methodist Connexional team. Change came in 2008 resulting in the launch in 2011 of Methodist Women in Britain as an independent, self-financing organisation.

Our aim today is to connect women with an interest in creative spirituality and a passion for global social justice.

For more information about MWiB see the National Website: where you will find useful resources and information about national events.

The District President’s Charities

The District President chooses two charities that we support through fundraising and personal giving throughout the President’s two-year tenure. An example of this is Sunshine Money which is collected throughout the summer and dedicated at an appropriate event.  The idea is that you save a pound (if you can) for each day of sunshine during August and then it is collected during October. To find out more, visit the District MWiB web page.

Methodist Women in Britain