Men's events

Final croquet event of the summer for our men

The Southlands men had their final croquet pirates evening of the season on the last Tuesday of August – and had to finish earlier than usual because of poor light.

The group were split between two greens, with the smaller team aiming for a top score of 21 and the bigger team aiming for a top score of 15.

The object of the game is to earn points by shooting your ball through the hoops or by stealing points from an opponent by shooting you ball into his.

On the first green Cyril Nutbrown led for most of the way until overtaken by Derek Shaw and then by John Bailey. But when Derek was just one point away from victory John successfully hit his ball to steal two points from him to win.

On the second green David Whittaker led all the way and reached 21 points with ease to win.

The next men’s event will be a tenpin bowling evening at Clifton Moor on Tuesday, September 25. Please use the sign-up sheet at church to indicate whether or not you will be joining the men on that occasion.

Note: This page was checked and updated on 31st August, 2018.