Who's Who

Officers of the church


OUR minister is the Rev Andy Lindley (tel York 784545). Andy, right, also has pastoral oversight of three other churches  Acomb, Holgate and West Thorpe and has responsibility for Cornerstone, a new venture off Hull Road.

Pastoral Missioner:

John Bailey.

Church Stewards:
Mrs Gill Hagyard, Mrs Audrey Hawkes, Mrs Jill Johnson, Bob Lawrence, Dr Naomi Whittaker and John Whitworth.
Property Stewards:
Bob Lawrence (tel York 639231, mobile 07850 482994) email bob@southlandsmethodist.org.uk); and David Whittaker.
Room Bookings secretary:
Wyn Lawrence (tel York 639231; email wyn@southlandsmethodist.org.uk or office1@southlandsmethodist.org.uk)
Church Office manager:
Wyn Lawrence (tel York 639231; email office1@southlandsmethodist.org.uk ) 
Church Council secretary:
Mrs Kath Weston (tel York 700986)
Church treasurer:
David Whittaker (tel York 629927). Assistant treasurer: Mrs Sylvia Puckrin (tel York 654302)
Pastoral Committee:
Secretary – Mrs Gill Hagyard (tel York 632174)
Safeguarding Officer:
Mrs Kath Weston (tel York 700986)

NOTE: This page checked and updated on 1st September, 2017.