Opportunities for volunteering

OVER the years many people have welcomed the opportunity to do some voluntary work at Southlands, even if – as in the case of students – it is only for a year or two.

We are engaged in a wide range of work with children and young people through clubs and uniformed groups.

An early approach is advisable because of the need to go through our safeguarding procedure which includes following up references and applying for DBS clearance.

There are also opportunities for musicians interested in helping to provide the music for our worship services – and a really good organist or pianist could earn a fee.

Then, for those interested in DIY, there is no shortage of maintenance jobs to be undertaken on premises the age and size of those we have at Southlands.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Bob Lawrence by phone on 07850 482994, or by email via bob@southlandsmethodist.org.uk

Note: This page checked on 17th  April, 2017.