Mission Statement and aims

Our Mission Statement ...

EMPOWERED by God's Spirit, our mission is to demonstrate our love for God through Jesus Christ, our love for each other and God's love for the world

Our aims are to ...

REVIEW our work annually to ensure that what we do fits with our mission statement and to seek God's guidance on new areas of work

STRIVE to worship together as a body and in groups to help everyone experience the presence of God and find His love through Jesus Christ

SEEK to build each other up in the body of Christ, encouraging a community of acceptance and support

DEVELOP and use the gifts and talents given to us by God

TAKE responsibility for presenting Jesus to the community around us by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ and striving for a fair and just society."

Background ...

Our Mission Statement and Aims are intended to put us on a mission footing.

The mission statement was agreed by Church Council on 22nd February, 2011, and at the same time we decided to start putting money aside for a mission project.  

The aims will ensure that we regularly review our mission statement and look at new and existing work to see if it meets the criteria set by our Mission Statement.

In 2013 we held a day of vision when all connected with Southlands were invited to dream dreams at the start of a process leading to the formation of a programme for the future.  

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