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Taking time out together

THE President, Vice President and General Secretary of Conference have urged that every Church Council should, at the beginning of each connexional year, have a day of prayer and fasting and to produce a plan “for growth or end of life”.

In other words we are being urged to take time out together to reflect on where we are and where we feel God is wanting us to go.

It would be like no other committee meeting – no agenda, no minutes, minimal discussion, no arbitrary time limit. Just a readiness to wait and listen with no preconceived ideas of what we will hear.

Why prayer and fasting? Prayer to realise the presence of God and to bring us into line with his will. Fasting to demonstrate a personal commitment to step away from the regular routines of the day to make time to pray.

One minister, the Rev Dave Martin (Plymouth Central Hall), who is a former general secretary of the Methodist Association of Youth Clubs, said: “This is not about the survival of the Methodist church. This is about our desire to grow closer to God and in our walk with Jesus.

“It’s about our passion to live out the call to holiness and justice. It’s about seeing others discover the transforming love of God in Christ. Together we can do this.”

Can we?     

Note: This  message added  on  5th September, 2017.