Men's events

Croquet and tenpin bowling

THE Southlands Men's Group paid four visits to York Croquet Club during the sujmmer months, playing fun variants of croquet which were much enjoyed by the men taking part.

The first three of these outings took place on Tuesday, 27th June, on Tuesday, 18th July, and Tuesday, 1st August, when we played Croquet Pirates (no fancy dress involved) and Croquet Golf.

On the final outing, on Tuesday, 5th September, they were joined by new pastoral missioner John Bailey for an evening which included Croquet Golf and another fun variant called Bringing In The Washing. 

Earlier this year the men had outings to York Tenpin at Clifton Moor for tenpin bowling evenings, to Castle Snooker Club in Tower Street, York, for an evening of snooker, and to the Longboat, in Blossom Street, York, for breakfast.

It is hoped to arrange further tenpin bowling evenings, a snooker evening and a breakfast later in the last three months of the year.

Note: This page was checked and updated on 7th September, 2017.