Southlands Junior Club

Junior Club joins travelling adventurers

THE Junior Club at Southlands has embarked on an ambitious programme entitled TRAVELLING ADVENTURERS for the second half of the autumn term.

It’s ambitious because it has involved in a considerable amount of research locally and further research by two former general secretaries of the Methodist Missionary Society – Albert Mosley and John Pritchard.

Club sessions will use games, activities, drama, and quizzes to explore why so many men and women went from York – including several from Southlands – felt called to undertake missionary work in places like China, Antigua, Fiji and India.

Bringing Freedom To Slaves In Antigua was the title for Friday, 10th November, when we looked at the life of William Warrener who went from Strensall as the first missionary to slaves in Antigua, preaching the gospel that brings freedom.

Face To Face With Cannibals is the title for 17th November, when we will learn about the Lyth family – Richard Burdsall Lyth and his wife, Mary, who went from Centenary (now Central) to Fiji, and their daughter, also Mary, who went as a missionary to India after helping out with the growing Sunday school work in Windsor Street, York, in the years just before Southlands opened 130 years ago.

Working Through Poverty is the title for 24th November, when we will hear about David Hill, who also went from Centenary to work in China where his practice was to wear dress like a native.

Orphans On His Mind is the title for 1st December and the story of Norman Page who went from Southlands to work principally with orphans in the Wuchang area of China, and maintained regular correspondence with the Sunday school at Southlands.

Challenging Times on 8th December is the story of Stanley Kenton Lamming, who names appears among the list of Southlands young men who fought during the First World War. He was badly wounded in the trenches in France and sent home for hospital treatment, but later served as a missionary in China.

Helping Indian Women To Help Themselves on 15th December brings us to the story of Gladys Holmes who went from Melbourne Terrace to India and spent her retirement years at Southlands.

How It’s Done Today, on 22nd December – the club’s Christmas party night – will give us the chance to look briefly at how missionary work is done today and how people are still called by God who sent his son Jesus as a baby to spread the Good News.

The first seven weeks of the autumn term went well as we looked at various incidents in the life of Top Man Josh, the Old Testament character called by God to succeed Moses and take the Israelite people into the Promised Land.

For further information contact senior voluntary worker Bob Lawrence by emailing him on or phoning him on 07850 482994.

Note: This page checked  and updated on 11th November, 2017.