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Summertime Christmas for Holiday Kids Club

THE 2018 Holiday Kids Club team is planning a Christmas theme for this year's big week which will start on Monday, 30th July.

But if you think that's strange it may be that you weren't around at about the same time last year when there was definitely something fishy going on at Southlands.

All the action for the 13th Kids Holiday Club was based under the Sea of Galilee where a yellow submarine enabled two fish - Crazy Fishteen and Fishy Naomi - to keep an eye on this bloke called Jesus. They had heard of some strange goings on and thus spent the week keeping an eye on him and checking out the miracles that he performed.
Unfortunately, Crazy Fishteen (Christine)
went down with a chest infection, so missed two days, and the story on the submarine got weirder as we introduced new characters to keep Naomi company. Mean Jean and Serious Steph were a great help.
It was a great week with some wonderful kids. Some parents said their children had only been going to come for one day, but after that one day they came back each day for the rest of the week. Others refused to go to visit Grandma until after the Friday session rather than miss the last day.
A big thank-you to all those who took part. We had 55 different children attending over the week and we had help from 19 adults and six teenagers.
Planning has already started for 2018 when Kids Club will take place during the week beginning Monday, July 30.

The Kids Club theme in 2016 was Grannies' Gang with the usual double act of "Crazy Christine" and Naomi recast as two grannies swapping tea and stories in the living room at a retirement home.

In this great setting they met up with all sorts of people who seemed to be related in some way to some Biblical giants of faith - characters like Daniel, who loved lions; Rahab, who assisted two spies sent into Jericho by Joshua; Queen Esther, who helped to save her people; David, who felled a giant; and Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth who became great friends.

The stories were developed through a series of front-of-house adventures, including the capture of a "burglar", the appearance of a secret agent disguised as a standard lamp, and Granny Christine trying out a mobility scooter.

There was also a hilarious video showing how the two grannies failed to get to London to see the Queen - ending up arriving late for Kids Club in the middle of the week.

The usual mix of Bible story, crafts, games, and songs made it a great week for the kids who came along.

In previous years Kids Club week has involved building an ark and in 2015 we had mad scientists with a story machine.

Note:  This page updated on  24th March, 2018.