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Kids Celebrate events

THE next Kids Celebrate holiday event will take place at Southlands on Thursday, 4th January, 2018, starting at 2.00 pm and finishing at 5.30 pm.

We're working on ideas now to ensure that this will be a great afternoon of fun, games, and activities, including a popular film, for kids aged between six and 11.

Snails, doodles, games and a film for light party

The last event took the form of a Light Party held during the autumn half-term holiday and this went well, despite lower than usual numbers.

The opening activity, as youngsters arrived at the beginning of the afternoon, was to make doodle disks, using up old CDs from the church which had been painted on the shiny side with acrylic paint. The kids were able to scratch a pattern of their choosing into the paint then thread them on to a ribbon.

After a traffic lights game there was a blindfold drawing activity for which teams chose an “artist” who was then blindfolded and asked to draw a copy of a simple picture following instructions provided by the rest of the team.

Blindfolds were used again for a game called cross the river where a team captain had to guide the “blind” members of the team across the river one at a time using only two small “rafts”.

Card, CD disks, wool, glue and googly eyes were used in another craft activity in which the kids made some very colourful snails.

Pastoral missioner John Bailey spoke briefly about Jesus “the Light of the World”, helping us to appreciate God’s love for everyone, before a final game in which youngsters had to creep up on a blindfolded “guardian” to “steal” a set of keys.

The 3½-hour event finished with the screening of a popular film - for which we supplied the kids with popcorn and a drink of fruit squash - and a final word from John.


For further information phone Bob on 07850 482994 or email him on bob@southlandsmethodist.org.uk

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