Celebrate kids event specials

Kids Celebrate events

THE next Kids Celebrate holiday event will take place at Southlands during the autumn half-term week.

This event starts at 14:00 and lasts for 3½ hours, including games, activities and a popular film. It is for kids aged six to 11 and admission is free. However parents must sign in their children before leaving them in our care.

The title and theme for the most recent Kids Celebrate wvent held during the February 2018 half-term break was Promises.

At a similar event held on Thursday, 4th January, 2018, we had a lot of fun with games and activities which tied in with a New Year Dreams theme. 

The previous event took the form of a Light Party held during the autumn half-term holiday and this went well, despite lower than usual numbers.

For further information phone Bob on 07850 482994 or email him on bob@southlandsmethodist.org.uk

Note: This page was checked and updated on 24th March, 2018.