Who's Who

Officers of the church


OUR minister is the Rev Sue Swires. Sue has pastoral oversight of three other churches - Poppleton, Rufforth and Hessay.

Lay pastoral worker:

Will Swires.

Church Stewards:
Mrs Gill Hagyard, Bob Lawrence, Miss Rita Milne, Dr Naomi Whittaker and John Whitworth.
Property Stewards:
Bob Lawrence (tel York 639231, mobile 07850 482994) email bob@southlandsmethodist.org.uk); and David Whittaker
Room Bookings secretary:
Wyn Lawrence (tel York 639231; email wyn@southlandsmethodist.org.uk or office1@southlandsmethodist.org.uk)
Church Office manager:
Wyn Lawrence (tel York 639231; email office1@southlandsmethodist.org.uk ) 
Church Council secretary:
Mrs Audrey Hawkes (tel York 634933)
Church treasurer:
David Whittaker (tel York 629927). Assistant treasurer: Mrs Sylvia Pickrin (tel York 654302)
Pastoral Committee:
Secretary – Mrs Gill Hagyard (tel York 632174)
NOTE: This page checked and updated on 17th April, 2017.